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Personal data processing and access rights of modification and deletion

The personal data collected on this website result from the voluntary communication of an address of e-mail during the deposit of an electronic message. E-mail addresses so collected serve only for treatment of the wanted elements of information. SEIGLE RENTAL can store in a confidential way e-mail addresses for a duration not being able to exceed 3 years. The collected e-mail addresses will not be the object of transfer to thirds by SEIGLE RENTAL.

The data of traffic have only for purpose to allow us to analyze the attendance of our pages of information to improve the contents. The data relative to the navigation of the visitors are not exploited by name. It is about included statistics allowing to know wich pages are most and the least popular, the favorite paths, the levels of activity for a day, a week and per hour of the day, the main server errors…

We inform you that the privacy of correspondence transmitted on the internet network is not guaranteed. Every user is, therefore, solely responsible for the contents of his correspondence.

According to the article 34 of the law 78-17 of January 6th, 1978 relative to the information, to the files and to the liberties, you have the right of access and rectification regarding your personal data.

To exercise this right, you can address an e-mail

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You can block the deposit of cookies by parametrizing your browser in the following way :

For Mozilla Firefox :
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For Microsoft Internet Explorer :
1. Choose the “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options”
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For Chrome :
1. In the top-right angle, click on More then Parametrize
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For Opéra :
1. Choose the menu “File” > “Preferences”
2. Private life

Legal requirements

The diverse elements of this website (the form, the layout, the bottom, structure…) are protected by the right of designs and models, copyright, right of the marks as well as the right to the image and they cannot be copied or imitated in whole or in part except express authorization of SEIGLE RENTAL.

Every person not respecting the applicable legal requirements is guilty the offence of forgery and is liable to penalties planned by the law.


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Under no circumstances these reproductions would know how to harm rights of the third parties.

The reproductions, the transmissions, the modifications, the re-uses for advertising purposes, commercial or of information, all or part of the site, are totally forbidden.


The logo of SEIGLE RENTAL musn’t be modified – proportions, colors, elements, constituents – and can be subject to no transformation, animation or any other process.

The logo of SEIGLE RENTAL not maybe used and associated to the only verifiable information. He can be used in particular only to illustrate relations with SEIGLE RENTAL or duly established actions of sponsoring.

Whatever is the special case, SEIGLE RENTAL reserves the right to approve or to disapprove any use of SEIGLE RENTAL, to assure its correct use, according to the ethics, the morality and the interests of SEIGLE RENTAL.

The above-mentioned conditions apply within the framework of web pages, they do not make a reference to the use of the logo in any other document.

SEIGLE RENTAL reserves the right to modify the conditions of use of SEIGLE RENTAL’s logo at any time and without advance notice.

Database rights

Databases are protected by the law of July 1st, 1998 and the French laws of the copyright.

Establishments of links towards the site

SEIGLE RENTAL authorizes the implementation of a hypertext link towards its site for all the websites, with the exception of those spreading information with polemical, pornographic, xenophobic, or to a larger extent to strike a blow at the people sensibility.

The link has to end on our website’s homepage and the site has to appear in a new window. The pages of the site mustn’t be integrated inside the pages of another site (Frame). The request for making a hypertext link from the site of SEIGLE RENTAL,, must be made by e-mail to

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The implemented hypertext links within this website in the direction of other sites and/or of personal pages and in a general way towards any existing resources on the Internet would not engage the responsibility of SEIGLE RENTAL as for the links which they contain or in the changes or the updates which are brought to them.

General warning

Everything was implemented to offer to the visitors of this website reliable and verified information. However, in spite of all the brought care, the site can contain inaccuracies, defects of update or errors.

Applicable law

The present site is subjected to the French law.